“I have no greater joy than to hear of my children walking in truth…” 3 Jn1.4

Dear Prayer Warriors,

It’s been a busy few weeks since we wrote you last! Our visit home has been one of many joys and encouargements!  We welcomed our first grand baby, Ansley Marie, into the family on March 11thand Mr. Austin Hedrick into the family on June 9thwhen he said “I do” to our Sabra. God has been so faithful and we give him honor for that.  We have also been able to get some rest and be restored through our interactions with so many of you from our faithful churches. It has been such an encouragement to sit under the teaching of God’s Word here in our own heart language and have a little time to seek His Face. Our plans changed a few months ago when we realized that our daughter Sabra would graduate from Boyce College in December, but wouldn’t be “walk” until the yearly May ceremony.  After a family meeting, we all decided to cut this furlough short and continue it next spring when we can be there for her graduation ceremony and also see that grandbaby girl at a different growth stage. We are constantly amazed at our daughters and their support and love for the gospel still. And so, with Ansley Marie’s little finger wrapped around our heart strings, we will head back to PNG on August 4th. It never hurt like this before.

We are excited about returning to our village with some new women’s health books that Kelley has translated while we were home and also some more of Bill’s New Testament translation to be checked!  We will also be returning to a newly formed Tanguat team who will be working with our church elders to finish the outreach and church planting work in the Tanguat language group. We are very excited about getting into the planning stages of the Ramu Valley Academy. Kelley has two curriculum developers that she is working with (one in the USA and one in PNG) and they have assessment testing ready and hopefully that will happen soon after we get back to see how the curriculum will need to be adapted to our PNG context! Please pray for the funds to complete Phase 1 of the RVA project.  When this month’s contributions are totaled we will have $76,741 of the $544,000 needed to get started. One seventh of the way since we started this year! Since we want to do this debt free, we are asking the Lord to raise up the remaining funds soon so that we can begin ordering the building materials and the tractor needed and have them shipped in time to begin the building project the end of this year.  Also, please be praying for the children who will attend. Pray for the Lord to ready them in body, mind and spirit for this amazing educational opportunity and that He would be glorified through them as they serve their country.
Thanks for all the love and fellowship and encouragement.  We are going back whole again and look forward to being your ambassadors once again for the ONE who is WORTHY!

By God’s Grace & For His Glory,
Bill and Kelley Housley

Author: inapangministries follows the church development ministry of Bill and Kelley Housley and the Inapang churches of the Ramu Valley in Papua New Guinea. Come and See how the Lord is building His Church! 'Til the Valley is Reached!

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