LORD, Our Hope is in You

We put out hope in the LORD. He is our help and our shield.

In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.

Let your unfailing love surround us, LORD, for our hope in in you alone.

Psalm 33:20-22

Dear Praying Friends,

So much has happened here and in our home country since we wrote last. Covid has changed the dynamics of overseas travel and we missed the birth of Bill’s little namesake, William Campbell Wright, as well as time with our four amazing daughters and sons, who we miss every single day. Elections have taken place. Elections have been stalled. The news we see over here would have us believe that everybody in America is full of hate. The nations do rage. So much has changed and yet….nothing has changed. Our God still reigns. His last words still remain and command our lives as strongly as ever – GO into all the world and MAKE disciples. And so, here we stand and here we work. On top of His Word encouraging us day to day,  the work here is getting so exciting that we are waking up every day thanking God for the vision, the support, the resources and the strength he gave and keeps giving…and that we get to be a part of seeing His Church come together to build a school to educate the next generation here in Papua New Guinea!

Since we wrote to you last, our RVA team has been B.U.S.Y!!! The washroom has been constructed and is now in the painting and fitting stages, the beautiful sidewalks are almost complete, the bridge access is complete and the ocean side land is being developed a bit, the sleeping houses for the students are complete and landscaping is starting to take place as we clean up the building sites, curriculum scope and sequences are set and teacher’s lesson templates and plans developed and….we are all getting a bit antsy to just kick this thing off already! 

Our latest and greatest praise, however, is for a special person joining our RVA team! Marissa Myers has pretty much set her face like flint and moved forward persistently over the past year. Sometimes with mere baby steps, thanks to Covid, but nonetheless forward, always forward, to joining this team and to have the privilege of investing in the next generation here in PNG. She is in quarantine right now up in the highlands until the 25th of November and we hope to receive her on a Kodiak flight here in Madang on the 27th…a blessed Thanksgiving gift from the Lord. 

The property here along the coast is truly a beautiful place to build a school and we are so blessed.  But, it does the soul so much good to stop and remember the very remote jungle-y swamp, not so beautiful place and the first fifteen years that led us to where we are today. Most of our RVA students are coming from these same swamps and will be in a bit of culture shock as they adjust to living in town and in this mentoring life-on-life environment. We are excited for all that is in store for them, but we also know that there will be many bumps and messes along the way (they’re teenagers, right?!) Pray for these RVA students and their hearts to be ready to push in some areas of life where they have never pushed before. Also, a few of the students will be coming from the local area around the school. Pray for these students, too, as many are connected to local families. Pray that we will all gel together into a team that loves Jesus and works hard in pursuing what He gives us each day. It is this kind of unity that the world doesn’t understand because it points to the Body of Christ theology that we read in Ephesians. A unity not based on race or religion or political affiliation or economic status. When the world looks at the Body of Christ the only common denominator they should find is Christ and his gospel of grace.

Pray for us!

  • For prepared hearts of our team and our students for whatever 2021 will bring
  • For minds that are stayed on Christ when things get overwhelmingly busy and we feel our not-enough-ness in BIG ways
  • For love for Jesus that spills into each other and the lives of these kids
  • That in 8-10 years, these first fruits will accomplish great gospel things for God’s glory
  • That these kids would SEE JESUS in our everyday mundane life activities and be drawn closer to him
  • Pray for our kids and grandkids at home. We have to say here that even in their great disappointments this year and travel lockdowns that prevented us from coming, both of our girls still found a way to accept it and even still encourage us in our gospel work here. We are so undeservedly blessed by both Madison and Sabra. Pray that the Lord would provide for their needs. 
  • Pray for the villages churches as they continue to be sifted again and again by the world and its traditions. We are thankful, though, along with our village church leadership for the purity of the church that continues to come with persecution.

We’ve been saying this since 2003 when we first stepped out of our culture and touched down in the village of Itutang, but it never grows old and still remains true…we couldn’t do this without those of you at home wo give and pray and encourage us. 


We absolutely love this job!

By God’s Grace & For His Glory~

Bill and Kelley Housley

Author: inapangministries

inapangministries.org follows the church development ministry of Bill and Kelley Housley and the Inapang churches of the Ramu Valley in Papua New Guinea. Come and See how the Lord is building His Church! 'Til the Valley is Reached!

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